Depression: ‘You would never say: “What does he have to be cancerous about, diabetic about, asthmatic about?”’

by msjekyllhyde

I wanted to share this brilliant article about depression by former spin doctor (to then British Prime Minister Tony Blair) Alistair Campbell, writing for The Independent.

But when the moment comes, when you know that depressive cloud is moving in, and you cannot stave it off, and it is going to enter your head, your chest, your guts, your legs, your toes, your bones, your teeth and every fibre of mind and body, it is like the first time all over again. Dead and alive at the same time.

Thank goodness that times have changed, and someone so high profile can be so honest, without it damaging his career. Although would a high profile women in that world feel able to do the same currently?

I am very thankful indeed that I am largely free of the Black Dog these days, post hysterectomy for PMDD.

I still need to be mindful of it though, if I’m very run down (or if I have a long run of poor quality nights sleep), in case I feel it looming, as it did this April. And I need to be particularly mindful as the season changes from winter to spring. I have an old packet of 10mg Citalopram tablets (SSRI anti-depressants) – breaking them in half and taking just 5mg per day for a couple of days works well for me. I’m lucky in that I feel the drug kicking in within hours, in common with the experiences of some other women who have / had PMDD (severe PMS) that I know of. I went to my GP last week to restock for the next time I need it. She was unfamiliar with it being used in this way, but after speaking to a colleague she agreed to give me a prescription.