“I feel like I am finally me.” Hysterectomy for PMDD success story

by msjekyllhyde

A quote from N, aged 40, who had a TAH/BSO in August 2012 for PMDD:

Hello Ladies, I just wanted to share something with you, especially any newbies because I know we all wonder if it’s not really PMDD and is it just “me”. The thing that kept me going through the long dark years of PMDD and misdiagnosis etc etc was that somewhere deep inside of me I had a memory of a happy child / girl who was full of love and had faith in the world. Somewhere in the hormonal hell I lost touch with that girl but that memory never left, in the end that was the only faith I had in anything. I am that girl again now at 40 years old, feelin that love and I feel like I am finally me xx

She also says:

Best decision I ever made. Saved me from myself. No walk in the park, not out of the woods with “behaviour” by any means but happier than I have ever been.

This resonated with me loudly, as I too feel like ‘myself’ again, post op. Thank you to N for permission to share this.