‘Will I be able to orgasm after a hysterectomy for PMDD?’

by msjekyllhyde

Hello, I am going down a very similar path with my pms/pmdd. I am 32 years old and am going to be starting Lupron to relieve my ovaries of their duties to see if a hysterectomy would solve my problems.

My question is one that i am getting very mixed answers about……My main concern after the hysterectomy is my sex life with my husband. I have been told in many cases that a woman with a FULL hysterectomy simply can not orgasm! My husband and I are very active in this department when I am felling well…is this true? What has your experience been in this department?

Thank you for any help, i have come really found peace with the thought of having this procedure but this one thing is really holding me up. Liz

Hi Liz. My own experience, and that of all the other women I’m in touch with who’ve also had a full hysterectomy for PMDD, is that you will still be orgasmic! It’s very important to include testosterone in your HRT mix post op.

I have read from many sources that:

The quality of your sex life with your partner BEFORE a hysterectomy is the best gauge of what it will be like AFTER the operation.

This is very much reflected in the comments I’ve read from the women whom I’m in touch with in an online support group, who’ve had the op for PMDD. So the ones who had a good sex life before the op, paint a rosy picture post-op, once their bodies have healed.

But for many women, living with PMDD has played absolute havoc with their sex lives/relationships, so post-op things won’t magically improve on their own, or they may have been unable to sustain a relationship whilst living with PMDD.

Sex after a hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries

  • Some women comment that orgasm feels a little different afterwards, and that it can take longer to become aroused.
  • But some women don’t notice a difference.
  • You possibly may need to use lubrication sometimes to make intercourse comfortable, whereas maybe you didn’t need it before.
  • Some women find intercourse more comfortable post-op because of the removal of the cervix/womb.
  • Others miss the feeling of the cervix during sex.
  • Your sex drive could be lower post-op, especially if your HRT isn’t balanced.
  • Or you might not notice a difference.
  • I’ve read from many sources that women who’ve also had endometriosis (and have found sex painful) find intercourse to be pain-free post-op.
  • Pelvic floor exercises are very important for all women, regardless. A strong pelvic floor muscle has a big positive impact on orgasms!
  • You’ll be free of menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding, which can interfere with sex.
  • Your vagina may be dry sometimes, you may need to use Vagifem (estrogen tablets applied internally)
  • Our bodies are different of course – it’s important to give your body the chance to heal and rest after a major operation, so everyone’s time frame in regard to orgasms (and their intensity) post-op will be different.
  • I haven’t come across any women who’ve had a hysterectomy for PMDD, complaining that they cannot now orgasm, that I’m aware of.

Pre-op, I had fantastic sex with all of my long-term partners (in the early stages at least..). Pre-op, I was prepared for the worst (as I also shared your fears regarding quality of orgasm, and there are some scaremongering anti-hysterectomy sites out there), but I felt the overall pay-off of being free of cyclical depression was worth the risk. But I was very pleasantly surprised about how unchanged my orgasms are post-op! As it’s not just the uterus that contracts during an orgasm, but other parts of the body too. [Note: I did find that Decapeptyl injections dulled my sex drive, as well as making me tired. Post-op, my energy levels are the same/better than they were pre-op.]

However, my sex life with my current partner had dwindled a great deal before the operation. After the operation, despite how good I’ve generally felt, it’s still virtually non-existent – BUT I think that this is to do with other unresolved issues between us (see my previous post), and is not a true reflection on my own sex drive post-op. I must admit that I have not prioritised my relationship over the last year, but I’ll be facing up to our difficulties in 2013. Post-op, with a clear, braver head, I now have the mental strength to reflect on what I want and need from a partner. I will post again on this topic further down the line, when hopefully I’ll have more to report!

I hope this helps. I’ve sent you a private message about joining the online group I’ve mentioned.