I feel so good I could weep with joy (day 27 after a hysterectomy for PMDD)

by msjekyllhyde

I am so very glad I had the guts to go through with the hysterectomy! I have a wonderful calm but elated feeling. I’ve felt more able to focus, and to face up to jobs that need doing, without feeling horribly overwhelmed.

Yesterday I rejoined Weight Watchers – I haven’t been able to face going for years! In 2004/5 I lost 30lbs with Weight Watchers, it’s worked very well for me in the past, as long as I keep on going to meetings and being weighed. The reality is that I need to keep on going for my whole life, just like an alcoholic might go to AA – the fat person within me will always try to get out. This time I’ve got less than a stone to lose and I’m looking forward to being really trim for summer. I found before that being slim had a big effect on other areas of my life too, I felt bolder and more daring.

I’ve still got to be careful I don’t get too tired – my mood crashed at the weekend after I did too much. I had a late night out on Friday (which I’m not up to yet, in hindsight), and ignored my need for a nap beforehand, I then had to pull out of getting together with family for Mothering Sunday as I was low/tearful. I was fine again by Sunday night. I’m tracking everything carefully, so at least I can see the reason if my mood dips.

The Kalms tablets are still really helpful for helping me get to sleep. I haven’t taken any painkillers since day 19. My normal walking speed is fast, I’m not quite back to that yet and I can’t walk the same distances I used to yet.

Last night I watched a really fascinating programme about the female reproductive organs, on 4oD, with Doctor Gunther Von Hagens. Warning – do not watch this if you’re at all squeamish!