Day 3 and 4 after a hysterectomy for PMDD

by msjekyllhyde

Day 4 post op, 27/2/12: Mood = buoyant! I wake up feeling completely clear headed and happy, the Citalopram I took last night has worked a treat. I feel less stiff and fragile than yesterday.

Day 3 post op, 26/2/12: After a good night’s sleep I sit in the back garden in the winter sunshine, all wrapped up. Mood = slightly irritable (as my partner decides to burn leaves and I get covered in smoke and ash), and pretty fragile after all the vomiting yesterday.

It’s all about my bowels right now I’m afraid – I feel bunged up again and use a glycerol suppository, it works within a couple of hours. I put a low stool in the bathroom as per the NHS physiotherapist’s leaflet.

Close family members visit in the afternoon, I feel perky and glad of the company (important: they checked ahead on the same day that it was ok to visit). I miss the bustle of the ward and the female company.

In the evening my mood drops very dramatically, I feel terrible (and very glad I’m not alone in the house). In the past general anaesthetics have made me depressed and I had anticipated this. I take 10mg of Citalopram (left over from an old prescription, it kicks in fast for me). I can’t get to sleep as I feel too low and anxious, so I get up and watch TV online until 3.30am, which helps clear my mind and I go to bed not feeling anxious.

Activities: sitting around, going up and down stairs slowly. Being careful not to lift anything heavier than about 1kg. Luckily my partner works from home and is taking care of me.