Day 2 after a hysterectomy for PMDD – learn from my spicy food mistake

by msjekyllhyde

Warning – I write about vomit and diarrhoea in this post

25/2/12: In the early hours of the morning I feel nauseous and ask a nurse for a bowl, I vomit repeatedly. My bowels are gurgling so I shuffle to the bathroom (taking my cardboard bowl with me). I’m very bunged up and am afraid of straining so soon after my operation. Despite the NHS physiotherapist’s leaflet’s advice to use a low stool for your feet (so that you don’t strain during a bowel movement), there is no such stool in the bathroom!?! I finally move my bowels (hallelujah!), but immediately afterwards I have explosive diarrhoea, plus wind, plus more vomiting.

I finally shuffle back to bed to vomit some more. Thankfully I have no more diarrhoea. I feel knocked for six, and very foolish indeed for choosing spicy hospital food from the list (learn from my mistake!). If this had happened while I was at home I would have felt very frightened. At least in hospital my observations are still being taken regularly.

6am: the nurses wake us, I can’t keep down water or any tablets for now. Despite this I’m encouraged by the nurses to have breakfast (?!), which I refuse. Luckily I brought along my own plain dry crackers (water biscuits). Hours later my stomach calms down.

The doctor gets to our ward to do her rounds in the afternoon (it’s the weekend, so there are less staff). I’m discharged, given strong paracetamol and ibuprofen to take home, plus a follow up appointment with my surgeon, and a note to have a follow up appointment with my gynaecologist/menopause specialist in 6 weeks.

I have a shower and wash my hair, I wouldn’t have been able to wash my hair yesterday. I wear warm pyjama bottoms home as  I don’t own loose enough trousers.

My partner drives me 100 miles home in the sunshine, I feel slightly irritable, weak/fragile and feel the bumps in the road (despite having a pillow on my stomach under the seat belt). Not surprisingly, I feel sorry for myself and have a cry that evening at home, it’s been a tough day, plus I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for three nights.