Day 1 after a hysterectomy for PMDD

by msjekyllhyde

24/2/12, morning: The drip is taken out, I’m puffy everywhere from so much liquid. The catheter is taken out (which doesn’t hurt at all, I was nervous that it might). I am told that I must pass urine twice before I can be discharged (I’m given a large clear measuring jug), hours pass before I do (normal). By this point I am not at all embarrassed to carry around a jug of urine!

I get out of bed for the first time. Normally they get you out of bed on the day of your op, but my blood pressure was a bit low yesterday, plus I think I got overlooked due to the nurses workload. I eat all my meals in the communal dining area, everyone is strongly encouraged to do this, it does make you feel more normal, another great idea. There is a TV in the communal room, but not by our beds since they want us up and out. I have a shower (dry shampoo to save washing my hair) and wear my own pyjamas.

A physiotherapist drops off a leaflet about exercises/precautions, including starting gentle pelvic floor exercises today! This seems early to me, but I try, it hurts and I ask for an additional painkiller, which works quickly. My chest still feels tight from the gas used in the operation, which can take some time to disperse (hence the need for the deep breathing exercises). All patients have to wear the anti-DVT stockings day and night (if you don’t you have to sign a disclaimer), everyone complains how they dig into the thighs.

The doctors do their rounds. They are delighted as there were no complications with my operation (none were expected). I’d previously arranged with my surgeon that I’d leave on 25th (I live 100 miles away so I needed to make arrangements in advance), but I would have been discharged that afternoon otherwise.

I am so constipated I cannot even pass wind (not good!), but I do burp a little (normal, everyone is burping and farting). I have another dose of Mil-Par (gentle laxative) from the nurses. But I am so keen to get my bowels moving that I also drink 2 cups of my own Dr Stuart’s laxative tea, AND have tasty chickpea curry (hospital food) for dinner – in hindsight this was a big mistake! During the day my stomach has been getting more swollen and tight.

Evening. Mood = calm, positive, grateful.

A close friend visits again, I’m glad to see her. I’d decided in advance that I didn’t want any visitors yesterday, this was the right decision as I couldn’t talk much and was so woozy. We walk up and down the corridors, I can only shuffle but it’s important to get moving. Some women walk holding on to the walls for balance, and holding a rolled up towel to their stomach, they may have had (open) abdominal surgery not laparoscopic surgery.