Goodbye little earthquakes? Orgasm quality after hysterectomy for PMDD

by msjekyllhyde

I’ve been keeping myself extremely busy since I last posted, which has been great as I haven’t had time to dwell on the forthcoming hysterectomy [23 February 2012] I’ve elected to have to cure my severe PMS/PMDD. But today was quieter, and I’m tired too, so I’ve just had a cry.. Because the bit of the operation I feel sad about is the loss of uterine contractions during orgasms [the amazing intense sensations/shudders you can have during the best part of the month]. That sounds very medical, but hopefully you know what I mean! This is a hot topic online and today I foolishly read some very ardent anti-hysterectomy propaganda from a couple of women who I think are in dire need of counselling.

My [male] gynaecologist and [male] surgeon tell me that orgasms may be different after the operation. My own research suggests that they’re pretty likely to be less intense, possibly very different indeed. But it also seems you need to give yourself loads of time to heal, a year or so, to truly get to know your body’s response again. [I’m allowed to have intercourse again in theory 6 weeks after the operation, fyi]. Some women say that it’s like comparing a Rolls Royce to a rickshaw; other women don’t notice much difference. The testimonies I’ve read by women who had the op for severe PMS suggest that it’s all worth it to feel happy!

I can have psycho-sexual counselling on the NHS, which I’ll take. Operation aside, I could do with the counselling, as the whole nightmare that is severe PMS/PMDD, plus the Decapeptyl injections to shut down my ovaries and mimic the menopause, have left me feeling less womanly than I used to, and at times non-sexual.  I need to figure out who I am again, and adjust to this new life.

My jolly partner and I have just been talking about it. He never fails to make me feel better.

The pros far out weigh the cons for me. Everything’s ok again.

Update May 2013: Post operation, I am happy to report that I don’t notice a huge difference in the quality of orgasms.